3/30/2017 Bridgitte C. Dr Parravi is an Awesome Amazing Dentist who I would highly recommend if you are at all anxious about the dentist like I am. And now she has turned me onto the latest skin treatment PRP using your Own blood cells that have made my skin brighter, firmer with less wrinkles. It is the only thing I would ever consider for my face and neck because it is Natural to your body. Ask her about it it has made an amazing difference in my complexion!
6/2/2017 William(Bill) C. Dr. Parravi is very interactive so I know what procedures consist of and the reasons why.!
2/1/2017 Aimee T. another fast and fun appointment. who knew the dentist could be fun :) dr.parravi is great!
10/1/2017 Raquel C. I've been with Dr. Parravi for about 3 years and it has been a great seamless experience so far
5/12/2016 Rohini M. Has the perfect gentle approach to filling cavities. Plus she and Ana always make me feel loved! Highly recommend!
10/17/2016 Jonathan V. Fast and clean!
8/17/2016 Portia L. Dr. Parravi is always efficient, professional, skillful and personable, and Anna in her office is, as well. Their service is exceptional and always administered with a smile, and in general they make "going to the dentist" a pleasant journey. :)
9/17/2016 Jack G. super awesome!
10/21/2015 Lena K. Anna and Dr. Parravi are the best! They always get me in for appointments right when I need them! One time I even called her close to midnight because of a sudden excruciating tooth ache and she advised me on how to deal with the pain. Then she was able to work on me the very next morning! I've had 2 root canals and several fillings done here, and the experience has always been positive. Both Anna and Dr. Parravi are so accommodating and are super nice and fun to talk to! Anna has given me life tips and Dr. Parravi's stories always make me laugh. I really recommend them!
6/12/2015 Lori F. Great and streamlined experience! Very organized, friendly dentist and staff. First visit to Dr. Parravi's office and my first cleaning in over seven years. She attended to my teeth cleaning personally (v. using a hygienist) explaining clearly the condition of my teeth and gums. She was quick to find and point out all my good cleaning practices and suggesting ways I could improve my methods without judgement nor scolding. I was impressed they already had spoken to my provider before I arrived; they knew exactly what was and was not covered and to what degree. Pre-appointment text reminders (which I appreciate) that no other medical provider has ever offered. Big windows offer daylight filled rooms viewing onto lots of greenery makes the visit very pleasant. Dr. Parravi and Anna have a good communication style between them - they made the whole experience pleasant. I'm actually looking forward to going back! The only improvement I could suggest would be a super clear explanation to first time patients that the office is on University DRIVE not avenue. I did not get that reminder myself from them (no fault of theirs!); perhaps other people didn't have that problem. I don't live in Menlo Park nor Palo Alto, so my knowledge of local streets is limited. Even though the address is always clearly written, my mind stopped paying attention after 'University' and thinks that everything is on University Avenue. Nice neighborhood, super easy parking!
2/4/2015 Sophie B. I love Dr. Paravi as a person and a dentist. My sister and cousin are dentists and I've always had my dental care done by them. Since I don't live close to them anymore, I started seeing Dr. Paravi. She is very flexible with her treatment plan and considered my sister's plan as well. This much of care and flexibilty is waht you cannot find easily. I have referred friends to her and they have been happy too. BTW if the receptionists are not as good as you expect ( the are usually good) don't put it on Dr. Paravi. Just bring up the issue with her. She is very responsive.