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Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting

Having a healthy jawbone structure is essential in maintaining good dental health. A dental bone graft is required when the patient suffers from a weak jawbone. This may have occurred due to missing teeth, external injury or trauma. Bone grafts are an excellent method of regaining strength, aesthetics, and a structural base for existing natural teeth, restorations and other oral appliances. Our dentist is trained to offer patients the best bone grafts in Menlo Park, CA.

Who would be the best candidates for a bone graft?

The best candidate suited for a dental bone graft would be those who have suffered from weakened jawbone structures in the past. There are other reasons to conduct a bone grafting procedure, some of them are jaw bones that suffered from chronic gum disease, oral conditions, physical trauma, or a significant injury that resulted in breakage. A bone graft will regenerate the bone back to its natural structure and frame allowing a base foundation to invite dental implants and restorations. Your Menlo Park dentist would clearly explain the duration of the process.

What would be the procedure involved to get a bone graft?

Your bone graft procedure would depend on two main factors. One would be the source of the grafting material, and the other would depend on the extent of the graft the patient may require. Based on the graft source, we can classify them into three main categories.

Autograft –The grafting material would be obtained from a portion of the patient’s own body. It may be from chin, hip, or lower leg.

Xenograft –A xenograft is done with a grafting material acquired from that of an animal, preferably cows. 

Allograft – An allograft is a bone grafting procedure that involves using grafting material that is harvested from another patient’s body.

Once the grafting material is ready, your dentist would carefully insert the bone graft into your jawbone with the help of collagen and other proteins. It would stimulate growth and enhance your bone structure. Your dentist would advise on proper home care routine and other tips to take care of your jawbone and maintain oral health.

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