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Our skin is the most amazing part of our system that works relentlessly to stay nourished! It regenerates every night to look younger, beautiful and refreshed. It also works constantly to protect itself from the effects of stress, aging, hormonal changes, and other wear and tear. Although there exist several different remedies to smoothen and perfect dull skin such as wrinkle relaxers and derma fillers, we also offer patients a more natural form of skin rejuvenation in the way of cosmetic facials.

What are skin facials?

We believe, youthful skin is the key to youthful appearance and confidence, and that’s exactly what we help you achieve. Facials or exfoliating facials is a cosmetic procedure performed to lift the outermost layer of the skin’s build-up and help reveal its natural tone and glow.

Unlike those skin rejuvenating products available in stores and saloons, in-office facials are known to use better ingredients for skin rejuvenation and deliver comprehensive methods of improving facial appearance and texture.

What can skin facials resolve?

Facials can resolve the signs of wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, and blemishes. Providing patients a glowing skin that lasts longer is the key purpose of in-office facials and skin treatment. Your doctor would use the best therapy that’s most suited and compatible for you to lift your skin and improve its tone and appearance.

Come and experience the best of youthful skin by requesting an appointment with us in Menlo Park, CA.


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