Dental implants are an ideal option for patients who have lost a tooth or multiple teeth due to decay, injury, periodontal disease, etc. Bone grafts may be necessary since dental implants are placed in the bone. There are different types of bone grafts, depending on what the patient needs. We specialize in implant dentistry and can help you with all of your questions and concerns.


Crowns completely cover the entire tooth which helps to restore the function of the tooth. Crowns are used when a tooth has very little tooth structure left due to dental disease or trauma and it is at risk for further fracture due to its weakened condition. If a tooth has a fracture line, it can be painful or painless.


 When a tooth is damaged by decay, a filling may be required to repair the tooth. This filling is composed of a material called composite resin. Composite resin comes in many shades so we can accurately match your tooth color.


Bonding is a generic term for composite fillings. Composite is tooth colored filling material. Composite is made up of a resin matrix with silicate filler. Composites come in many different colors so the dentist can custom match your teeth.


This type of treatment specializes in correcting the misalignment of teeth and discrepancies between the upper and lower jaws. This may include the closing of spaces, straightening crooked teeth, or re-aligning crowded teeth.


Root canals are performed by the Dr. Parravi when the pulp of the tooth is dead or dying. This can be due to infection, decay, or trauma. The pulp chamber is accessed through the top of the tooth.


This is the generic term for the set of 3rd molars. These “wisdom teeth” may or may not have to be removed. Factors such as decay, inability to keep them clean or not enough room in the arch for them to erupt normally can all be reasons for extraction. After extractions there are instructions you must follow that will be given to you by the dentist. Your teeth should start to feel better after 48 hours. Using ice and pressure as recommended by your dentist should help to keep the swelling down.


This type of x-ray uses a small digital sensor instead of film to allow us to analyze your teeth. A few of the advantages of digital x-rays when compared to conventional films are: less exposure to radiation, better diagnostic ability due to better resolution, and ability to see the image on a large screen. This also allows us to better show you where the dental disease is occurring. All of this helps to contribute to better care and a better understanding of why we need to do the work diagnosed.


When a tooth is lost due to decay, fracture, or trauma, a bridge is one way to replace that missing tooth. Your dentist will prepare the teeth on either side of the space for crowns. An impression of all your teeth is sent to the dental laboratory along with photos to get the color matched. The lab then makes a restoration which spans the space and attaches to the adjacent teeth. The restoration resembles a bridge, hence the name. The bridge is then custom fit and permanently cemented in place.


This is the process of chemically bleaching your teeth in order to attain brighter smile. This procedure can either be done in office in about two hours, or through take home trays in about two weeks. A carbamide or hydrogen peroxide solution is used to gently lighten the shade of your teeth. The chemical bleach removes the stains your teeth pick up over time from coffee, soda, red wine, and other colored foods. It is important to maintain a white diet through the process of bleaching so as not to stain your teeth while bleaching them. A list of proper foods will be provided to you. Whitening has no known long term negative effects, but can result in some short term sensitivity during treatment. This sensitivity will go away once your treatment is completed.

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